Understanding Clients' Requirements

  • An Oriental Tech associate visits you, talks with your executives and learns about your company's corporate philosophies, company culture, HR policies, structure and personality.
  • Defining The Positions - Working closely with your hiring management can help to define a detailed and precise job description, highlighting the necessary experience and personal qualities of potentially sucessful candidates. Our associates will always be there as your working partners throughout the recruitment process.

Nationwide Search

  • Oriental Tech associates screen and identify potential candidates from their own personal network formed over years of business practice and from our established and sophisticated computerized databank of executives. Each of the identified candidate will be constantly monitored in terms of career performance and progress. Further qualified candidates, usually named by the customers, will also be "hunted" from the pertinent companies/industries.
  • A combination of our personal network in the high-tech industries and a well developed computer databank ensure maximal targeting of potential candidates during the recruitment process.

Narrowing The Search

  • We screen and present (with our candidate's approval) only those candidates whom we believe meet the position specifications, general character traits and compatibility needs of each client. All possible candidates are analyzed for your technical requirements, desired personal qualities and compatibility with the individual character of your company. Each candidate's motvations and objectives are probed and assessed. A final slate is submitted for in-depth, face to face interviews with your management team.

Introducing Clients and Candidates

  • When you are introduced to a candidate, you are assured of a fully screened and predisposed individual. You also will be presented a complete and detailed resume outlining the candidate's business experience and our evaluation of the executive's strengths and weaknesses, personal character and management style profile. The corresponding results of our background search will enable you to use interview time as effectively and efficiently as possible.

For more information, contact our recruiters at any time.