• Send us your resume – We recommend you to send us a detailed resume. Registering with Oriental Tech will also grant you the opportunity to receive the first hand broadcasting emails about any executive job openings in your country.


  • We will run a pre-screen on your resume, contact you for a telephone interview to evaluate your situation and advise the next move appropriately. Our Consultants always put your career development as the top priority. If we note that your present position can still provide you the best interest in career development, we would say it so and would recommend you to make no move. 


  • We will contact you for any opening which can match your expectation, utilize your skills and professions, and most importantly, take you to the next level accordingly to your career plan. 


  • No ten pages resume can describe you all. Our Executive Recruiters will work closely with you to create a new resume which can emphasize your strength, ability, insight and characters for presentation to the individual employer.  


  • Our Consultants will stay in touch with you to provide you the latest update and feedback of the interviewers. Review the situation and advise you to act appropriately. We understand the candidates may sometimes fail in the interview process. But it may also be your interest in learning the reasons why you failed so as not to make the same mistake the next time you are given similar opportunity. 

Closing the Deal

  • We have over 20 years of executive recruitment experience and our consultants will assist you in the salary negotiation stage. All employees (including all the CxO executives) would like to see their annual salaries “tripled” every year, but an incoherent salary expectation may cost your job as well. It is our Consultants to give you appropriate advice all the time.